Wood Chipper Hire with Operator

Park End Farms offer wood chipping services to process your own timber. We have available top of the range equipment operated by experience personnel to provide the very best quality wood chip fuel.

Our Biomass wood fuel is produced using a Heizohack HM 10 500k wood chipper, powered by a Fendt 936 tractor which produces a great quality wood chip for any Biomass boiler.

Park End Farms offer a G30 or G50 size wood chip at 25% moisture. The Austrian standard for wood chip is ONORM M7 133. Parkend strives to adhere to this standard at all times, giving the customer trouble free running of their biomass boiler. Most wood chip boilers ranging from 48kw > 250kw run on G30 (30mm) W20-25 (water content) for larger boilers we supply G50 (50mm ) W25-30. If poor quality fuel is used ie it has to much moisture then the efficiency of the boiler drops and can quickly lead to tarring up of the internal components and larger maintenance bills.

Different grates are used to get the correct sizes and a moisture meter tests the moisture content every time we chip.